> Bequia Easter Regatta

Smiley Michael
Daved and confused!
Dave from Luton and Pat wash of the grease...
Trying to get a better view of the dancing!
A very happy crowd!
MC keeping the crowed pumped up
...and the winner is..... Sinead
and then there were 2
Adults musical chairs
Al tries to work out Bequias dominoes rules!
Al makes a winning he thought!
Ewan taking things very seriously!
Bombay Al isn't sure if everything is above board!
International Dominoes competition
Just showing off now!
He doesn't look so steady....
More greasy pole action
Attempt at the greasy pole
Watching the greasy Pole from the beach
I think she wants to take the pig home
The not yet greasy pig.....
The bottle and hoop stall
The lounge area of The Penthouse
Sinead making friends with the locals
Hadela, Me Me and her boyfriend...
Patrick and Claudia
Studio 10 - all girl crew from Martinique.
Racing yachts in close quaters